The MammothWare Vision

Vendor Reach.

Lots of great businesses, ideas, products, teams, companies are popping up within the vegan space. Not all of those get the exposure that they deserve.

We want to give vendors a hub to simply launch a store and start reaching a vegan audience.

Easy Vegan Onboarding.

With MammothWare, we’ll make it very easy for the average person to make a transfer into a vegan lifestyle.

With a knowledge base, free programs, and of course all of the products that they’ll need in one place at the click of a button.

Sustainable Veganism.

A vegan lifestyle isn’t always streamlined. We will bridge the gap of inconvenience and difficulty in finding what you need as a vegan.

In it’s final form, MammothWare will supply anything and everything vegan. From clothes to food and all of the in betweens. Have it shipped directly to your doorstep.

Accelerate The Movement.

As MammothWare grows as a community, and a platform, we’ll be able to spread this lifestyle at an even more accelerated pace than it’s already moving.